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COMMENTS: Franz J. T. Lee, The Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda
and Hussein hoaxes form part of the Big Fascist Lie,
of Newspeak, of Global Mind and Thought Control.  


By  Franz J. T. Lee

September 11 - 
Bush's main political asset: Death
  By Jutta Schmitt


Ever since September 11, when the dust of the imploding "Twin Towers" did not subside as yet, we told you with scientific precision who did it, also why it had to be done. Repeatedly I have warned that the Truth is the Achilles' Heel of the USA -- there is nothing in the universe that it fears more.

Just check out our web sites, chats, correspondence and debates, over the last two years, and you could easily verify what we said, and what we still maintain. It was a typical Pearl Harbour, a Reichtagsbrand hoax to test atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to usher in fascism, German nazism, and now, to launch Global Fascism, the US "Fourth Empire", all these, just to try to save the capitalist mode of production, to stop the very world corporate imperialist system from crashing to pieces. The Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and Hussein fairy tales form part of the Big Fascist Lie, of Newspeak, of Global Mind and Thought Control.

Two months ago, I have explained already what is going on now:


By  Franz J. T. Lee

Definitely, life in probabilities and possibilities is ending, billions are vegetating in stark realities. There is not much time left, not much space, to procrastinate anymore. Right in front of our eyes are unfolding the Orwellian realities that we have described in our last editorial "Beyond the Alternative 'Socialism or Barbarism'".  This has nothing to do with "end times", with "Armageddon", with "Apocalypse", with painting Saddam or Bin Laden on the Wall of Woe, rather it concerns human production and globalized destruction.

AIDS, as everybody should know by now, is part of the age-old, sinister UN population reduction plan, of the ruthless, corporate elimination of billions of obsolete physical labourers, is part of the "B" and "C" weapons of the Pentagon; it has been developed in military laboratories, and is presently being tested and experimented in Africa and elsewhere. Furthermore, it is "big business" and a significant part of the repressive instruments of Bush's foreign policy. Within the next two decades, it is programmed to produce the desired results: 55 million dead in Africa, and to reduce life expectancy to 33 years.
(See:  )

This is perennial genocide by global, fascist, social order, being committed by Corporate America and Europe, not only of infecting mercilessly innocent mothers and children, but also of brutally destroying half of their possible life span on earth, while in the metropolitan countries for decades megalomaniac, venefic virility and senility reign the world.  

Furthermore, lest we forget, inexorably "shock and awe", "regime change", "collateral damage" continue every second ... now it is Iran's turn  ... soon Venezuela will follow.  The USA, and its allies, are permanently power-drunk when they taste black gold.
(See: )

And, as urgent as this may be, we are still discussing "democracy", "peace",  "human rights", "freedoms", "populism", "ideology", and Mbeki still occupies himself with the Church, while, at the same time, in Venezuela the "death squads", the mercenaries of the
"Policia Metropolitana", are out to kill again, to bring about "regime change"; elsewhere in Latin America, the "fin" (end) of Lucio Gutiérrez is being planned in Ecuador.
(See: )

 Surely, we have to attend to all these things, but, if we do not tell our peoples the real, global, transhistoric truth, and, if the peoples themselves do not begin to act, to think of, by and for themselves, then all our daily efforts, all our projects, all our daydreams will end up in the next globalized holocaust. The Pentagon, NATO, the White House, etc., as planned since decades, will be  fetching us all, one by one, and if we do not resist scientifically, philosophically, in emancipatory militancy, here and now, like in Afghanistan and Iraq, in the end, there will be no one left to protest against anybody, against anything anymore. Our beloved "patrias" will be littered with thousands of cluster-bombs and millions of fragmented corpses.

The immediate, global battle-field is very clear, it is:


Urgently, it has to be studied, that is, has to be acted and thought. Only Full Spectrum Emancipation, the Invisible, the Invulnerable, the Invincible, could still excel this Universal Conflagration.


September 11 -- 

Bush's main political asset: Death

By Jutta Schmitt

Having read the article that follows, I can just say "once bitten, twice shy" - Germans have experienced kind of a historic parallel to the September 11th "terrorist attacks": the infamous "Reichtagsbrand Myth", where, without any evidence or proof, the Nazis held the German Communist Party responsible for setting the Reichstag on fire, and immediately seized the opportunity to start a ferocious persecution campaign against all progressive social forces in Germany, that stood in the way of Nazi objectives. They created their own "Patriot Act", known as the "fire decrees", which were decrees against "treason" and for the "protection of the State and people of Germany", doing away with fundamental constitutional rights of the then Weimar Constitution.
The eternal suspicion and debate, who the real arsonists were - that is, the Nazis themselves -, has found an end with a research by Alexander Bahar and Wilfried Kugel, titled "Der Reichstagbrand - Wie Geschichte gemacht wird"; (The Reichstags Fire - How History is being fabricated), released in 2001. In a book review on the wsws website, we read:
"In years of meticulous research, the two authors of the book, historian Alexander Bahar and physicist and psychologist Wilfried Kugel, carried out the first comprehensive evaluation of the 50,000 pages of original court, state attorney office and secret police (Gestapo) files that had been locked away in Moscow and East Berlin until 1990. The result is a remarkable and explosive, more than 800-page document that for the first time provides almost complete circumstantial evidence that the Nazis prepared and set the Reichstag fire themselves."

The question is, can the suspecting world and the majority of unsuspecting American people afford waiting 68 years, like the Germans did, until, based on finally declassified documents, the truth about the September 11th terrorist attacks will finally see the day of light?
23 Jul 2003 15:18:43 GMT
Poll shows many Germans see U.S. behind Sept 11

BERLIN, July 23 (Reuters) - Almost one in three Germans below the age of 30 believes the U.S. government may have sponsored the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, according to a poll published on Wednesday.
And about 20 percent of Germans in all age groups hold this view, a survey of 1,000 people conducted for the weekly Die Zeit said.
It also said 68 percent of all Germans felt the media had not reported the full truth behind the attacks, in which some 3,000 people were killed when hijacked planes were crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
After the September 11 attacks, there was an outpouring of sympathy from Germans for the United States. Despite misgivings, Germany joined a military campaign against the al Qaeda network that Washington blamed for the attacks.
But as the United States geared up for war against Iraq, relations soured bady as Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder expressed vocal opposition to the plans.
Although the United States took strong offence at Berlin's attitude, Schroeder's anti-war stance was popular in Germany and helped him to snatch victory in last September's elections.
Asked whether they believed that the U.S. government could have ordered the September 11 attacks itself, 31 percent of those surveyed under the age of 30 in the poll answered "yes", while 19 percent overall gave the same answer.
Die Zeit said widespread disbelief about the reasons given by the United States for going to war in Iraq and suspicion about media coverage of the conflict had fostered a climate in which conspiracy theories flourished.
"The news is controlled," 17-year old Kenny Donaubaur was quoted as saying. "You could see that in the Iraq war. It doesn't seem to me thet you get the full truth."  

Furthermore, Friends,

here is more dynamite!  

How far is it from stealing an election, going to war on grounds of public deceit -- a war or rather military first strike assault that cynically broke international law and in which thousands of people have died --, to orchestrate the "spectacular" September 11th terrorist attacks, that have turned out to be the main and foremost political capital of the Bush Administration? Formulated in a different way: If the rights of ninety thousand American voters (see article below), the lives of uncounted Afghanis, thousands of Iraqis and some two hundred American militarymen are not worth a farthing for the Bush administration, why then should three thousand American civilian lives, lost on September 11th, have bothered them?

Greg Palast: "Now, after two years of peeling the Florida elections onion, we put the number of voters wrongly barred from voting at over 90,000, mostly Blacks and Hispanics, and by a wide majority, Democrats."
Read more:
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Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 2:38 PM
Subject: Jim Crow in Cyberspace

> Working For Change, in its campaign to stop the theft of the NEXT presidential election in 2004, is spreading the word about how the LAST one was stolen in 2000.   Here's the first of ten daily doses of the opening chapter of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.  Future installments available at

> JIM CROW IN CYBERSPACE: The Unreported Story of How They Fixed the Vote in Florida
> >From the book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (Penguin 2003) by Greg Palast
> In the days following the presidential election, there were so many stories of African Americans erased from voter rolls you might think they were targeted by some kind of racial computer program. They were.
> I have a copy of it: two silvery CD-ROM disks right out of the office computers of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. Once decoded and fed into a database, they make for interesting, if chilling, reading. They tell us how our president was elected-and it wasn't by the voters.
> Here's how it worked: Mostly, the disks contain data on Florida citizens-57,700 of them. In the months leading up to the November 2000 balloting, Florida Secretary of State Harris, in coordination with Governor Jeb Bush, ordered local elections supervisors to purge these 57,700 from voter registries. In Harris's computers, they are named as felons who have no right to vote in Florida.
> Thomas Cooper is on the list: criminal scum, bad guy, felon, attempted voter. The Harris hit list says Cooper was convicted of a felony on January 30, 2007. 2007?
> You may suspect something's wrong with the list. You'd be right. At least 90.2 percent of those on this "scrub" list, targeted to lose their civil rights, are innocent. Notably, over half-about 54 percent-are Black and Hispanic voters. Overwhelmingly, it is a list of Democrats.
> Secretary of State Harris declared George W. Bush winner of Florida, and thereby president, by a plurality of 537 votes over Al Gore. Now do the arithmetic. Over 50,000 voters wrongly targeted by the purge, mostly Blacks. My BBC researchers reported that Gore lost at least 22,000 votes as a result of this smart little blackbox operation.
> The first reports of this extraordinary discovery ran, as you'd expect, on page one of the country's leading paper. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong country: Britain. In the USA, it ran on page zero-the story was simply not covered in American newspapers. The theft of the presidential race in Florida also grabbed big television coverage. But again, it was the wrong continent: on BBC Television, broadcasting from London worldwide-everywhere, that is, but the USA.
> Was this some off-the-wall story that the British press misreported? Hardly. The chief lawyer for the U.S. Civil Rights Commission called it the first hard evidence of a systematic attempt to disenfranchise Florida's Black voters. So why was this story investigated, reported and broadcast only in Europe, for God's sake? I'd like to know the answer. That way I could understand why a Southern California ho'daddy like me has to commute to England with his wife and kiddies to tell
> this and other stories about my country.
> In this chapter, I take you along the path of the investigation, step by step, report by report, from false starts to unpretty conclusions. When I first broke the story, I had it wrong. Within weeks of the election, I said the Harris crew had tried to purge 8,000 voters. While that was enough to change the outcome of the election (and change history), I was way off. Now, after two years of peeling the Florida elections onion, we put the number of voters wrongly barred from voting at over 90,000, mostly Blacks and Hispanics, and by a wide majority, Democrats.
> That will take us to the Big Question: Was it deliberate, this purge so fortunate for the Republicans? Or just an honest clerical error? Go back to the case of Thomas Cooper, Criminal of the Future. I counted 325 of these time-traveling bandits on one of Harris's scrub lists. Clerical error? I dug back into the computers, the e-mail traffic in the Florida Department of Elections, part of the secretary of state's office. And sure enough, the office clerks were screaming: They'd found a boatload like Mr. Cooper on the purge list, convicted in the future, in the next century, in the next millennium.
> The jittery clerks wanted to know what to do. I thought I knew the answer. As a product of the Los Angeles school system, where I Pledged my Allegiance to the Flag every morning, I assumed that if someone was wrongly accused, the state would give them back their right to vote. But the Republican operatives had a better idea. They told the clerks to blank out the wacky conviction dates. That way, the county elections supervisors, already wary of the list, would be none the wiser. The
> Florida purge lists have over 4,000 blank conviction dates.
> You've seen barely a hair of any of this in the U.S. media. Why? How did 100,000 U.S. journalists sent to cover the election fail to get the vote theft story (and preferably before the election)?


Bush's main political asset: Death


The Bush Junta´s main, political asset is DEATH, as we all know and as William Rivers Pitt writes in an article published today on truthout. (See below). Remains the huge question, after all that has been revealed about the Bush Junta´s modus operandi and modus mentirandi in these past couple of weeks and months, beginning with the very presidential elections, what it still takes to rip off the veil and see the full extent of cynical planning that has been done and keeps being done to go through with what they themselves have called "Project for a New American Century" (which is nothing less than the project for the American-based, transnational corporations)? 
Profit, as long as it still lasts, goes over people, their lives, efforts, hopes, aspirations and ...... illusions. 
Though The Heavens Fall /  By William Rivers Pitt /  t r u t h o u t | Perspective /  Friday 25 July 2003

  The political fortunes of the Bush administration are never so strong as when people are dying. A review of newspaper headlines from September 10, 2001 clearly shows an administration under serious attack from all quadrants. That changed after some 3,000 people were killed the next day, and George has never looked back. The attack of September 11 was the best thing to ever happen to George W. Bush. He knows this, and uses those attacks to great effect in promoting everything from aggressive wars to tax policy. (My emphasis)

  Recall that it was Bush who said, on October 4, 2001, “We need to counter the shock wave of the evildoer by having individual rate cuts accelerated and by thinking about tax rebates.”

  Recall that it was Bush, one year and four days later, who said, “We have experienced the horror of September 11…Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof -- the smoking gun -- that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”

  The first quote helped Bush get his tax cuts. The second helped him get his Iraq war, despite the fact that the “clear evidence of peril” was nothing of the sort. No matter. For George, death is the gift that keeps on giving.

... / .. death is a growth stock for George W. Bush. Death gives him political cover to ramrod through his extremist policies. Death makes Americans fear to question him. Death makes for good television. In Iraq, death fills the coffers of corporations like Vice President Cheney’s Halliburton.

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